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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Introducing the Oliphant Gals

We were told to start this blog to post all the CREATIVE & INSPIRATIONAL  projects & crafts that we do anyway. This way we can share and help others in their HOME & FAMILIES. We came up with the name 'Whooz your NANIE' by taking the last letters of our names: BeelyN, CynthiA, MelahN, JennI & CelestE we spell NANIE. It's the nick name we gave the Matriarch of our Family. She's our Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother. She left us with her great example of INSPIRATIONAL CREATIVITY. She loved crafts & handmade projects. We are just a few of her Daughters & Grand Daughters and it is because of her that we also love to create beautiful and fun crafts and activities, that enrich our HOME & FAMILIES.

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