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Saturday, December 10, 2011

quick & easy Table Center

 This was something I threw together for a table center at my Women Relief Society Christmas party.  It took 10 minutes to put together.

*     I found the top of a Hurricane Lamp for $1 at the D.I. (second hand store) 

*     I also found a Golden Plate for $1 at the D.I. (second hand store)

*     Had 2 kinds of Christmas ribbon.

*     Picked a couple Branches of Pine from my pine tree in the backyard.

*     A bunch of different Ornaments.

*     And several battery operated 1 inch lights.

*     Glitter covered paper snowflakes (ornament)

*     Clear baggies for party favors

Looking at the picture, it is pretty much self explanatory.  I basically placed the lamp top on the plate then filled it with the different ornaments.  Placed the pine branches around the edge of the plate then wrapped the ribbon around the branches and plate.  I added the battery powered lights to add some shimmer, then threw some candy bars in clear baggies and added glitter covered paper snowflakes for little party favors.  


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