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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rainbow cupcakes

Rainbow cupcakes

My Daughter loves Rainbows & she asked for cute cupcakes for her 6th Birthday Party. So I saw the cutest rainbow cupcakes on Pintrest but I could not replicate them, so this is the closest I could do.

  • I baked them as usual following the instructions on the box.
  • Then used blue food coloring to color the icing, then applied the base layer for the SKY. Then let that dry.

  • Next I took the edible Sparkle Gel Icing ( I picked up at MICHEAL'S) and made the Rainbows. I let them dry as well.
  • Then with the white icing I applied the CLOUDS.

I found cute Basket cupcake holders (also from MICHAEL'S) to serve them with. My Daughter was so excited to show her friends. 

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