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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recycled Calender - Valentines

 So... remember my Christmas Advent Calender?

Well it was such a hit with my kids that I just had to keep it going.  I thought Valentines was a good Holiday to use it again.

I just used the same sheet metal.  I switched out the ribbon & I used Photo Shop to whip up a quick and personalized Calender.  I found these cute gift boxes (at Michael's crafts) and instead of gluing the magnets to the back, I just put them inside the boxes and they work just fine. I have 6 boxes for my family of 6.  Then added a couple of hanging hearts.

So instead of getting a treat everyday, my Family and I are going to fill our boxes every time we do a good deed.  Weather it's for a Family member or someone we don't know, we are going to try to do service or a good deed everyday and we get to put a treat in our box when we do so. Then on Valentines Day we get our box of goodies. 

Happy LOVE Day everyone!

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